Q: Tiki Drinks… does that mean every drink is super sweet?
A: While some drinks can be sweet, we can guide your drink choice to wherever your palate craves, be it sweet, savory, sour or strong. You’ll find something to love in one of our 42 cocktails!

Q: Do you take reservations?
A: Please see our reservations page for more info.

Q: Where can we park?
A: Please use street parking on Broadway where possible. If you are considering a sampling of our drinks menu, please be sure to bring a designated driver or consider a cab or public transit.

Q: Can we bring the kids?
A: Our alcohol service license does not allow us to have anyone under the age of 21 on the premises.

Q: Why doesn’t anybody answer the phone?
A: In order to best serve those occupying the space, we use an answering service while we are open. Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: So much rum! What if I don’t like rum?
A: While we’d love to steer you towards all of the wonderful variants of our favorite spirit, we also stock an extensive selection of other spirits as well.

Q: Do you have any beer on tap?
A: Yes, we offer 4 rotating taps. Come on in and see what’s on the list tonight! We always promise something light, something dark, something seasonal and something interesting.

Q: Can I just get a Manhattan or Gin & Tonic?
A: While we focus our efforts into the tropical libations, all of our staff are fully trained in the fundamentals of bartending and classic drinks, and we do carry a wide selection of fresh juices, syrups and liqueurs for your enjoyment.

Q: Why is last call at Midnight?
A: Last call is at midnight so that our patrons get home safely and our staff can rest after their shifts.

Q: Are the puffer fish lamps real?
A: Yes! I assure you they once upon a time were swimming freely, before dutifully sacrificing themselves to illuminate your drinking experience.

Q: Is any gluten free/vegan/vegetarian food available?
A: Yes! We have a number of dishes that are or can be made to exclude ingredients, and include a legend on our menu. Please take a look at our menu online!

Q: Do you take reservations? What about large parties?
A: We do take reservations! Please see our reservations page for more information.