Hale Pele is a celebration of tropical cocktails from legendary Tiki bars of times past set in a hidden jungle in the Sullivan’s Gulch area of Portland, OR.

Our menu includes 20 tropical drinks from times past executed to absolute perfection using only fresh squeezed juices, premium spirits, and locally made B.G.Reynolds’ Hand-Crafted Syrups.

Our longhouse is set amidst the ferns and vines of a lost tropical jungle, perched ever so precariously near the foot of an active volcano. Colorful Puffer-fish, savage cannibal tikis and decor from tiki bars long past surround you as you enjoy our tropical drinks and exotic island-inspired small plates.

Hale Pele is proud to have a list of accomplished, experienced and knowledgeable staff that can answer your questions or help guide your journey through our menu.